Tax Reform – Stocks Soar Higher! Jan5

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In case you haven’t heard, last week President Trump signed into law an historic overhaul of the US tax code. Significantly, the new tax code reduces the federal corporate income tax rate from 35% to 20%! Tax reform the most significant game changer for the American economy in more than 30 years. It will be the catalyst that drives stock prices higher, perhaps much higher, in 2018. Here’s why

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The Family Office: Hiding-Almost-in Plain Sight Dec14

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For the two to three thousand proper single family offices, or SFOs, that dot the US, remaining a mystery suits them just fine. Playing hard to get adds an element of allure and an extra layer of insulation against purveyors of all sorts of goods and services. For the hordes of wealth and fund managers, insurance advisors, genealogy film makers, private aircraft and yacht brokers, it is like a game of cat and mouse. Of course, some of the wealthy want to be caught and truly value the imposition of new ideas, strategies, and products these people seek to share. But creating an effective strategy to sell to the SFO is tricky and usually frustrating

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Investment Wisdom Through a Temporal Paradox Oct17

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It seems like only yesterday that I started my career in alternative investing. Actually, it was nearly 20 years ago, a fact that hit home as I sat this weekend facing a birthday cake that was more inferno than Instragramable. I thought back to my first job at Van Hedge Fund Advisors as an entry-level hedge fund analyst in 1998 and wondered where the time had gone, when my eyesight went to hell in a handbasket, and how random it was that a “want ad” advertisement led me into what I think has been a pretty good career run

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