Sustainable Finance Report: Electric Vehicles and Recycling Mar9

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As pollution grows and the old inefficient technology of internal combustion engines (ICE) transportation rapidly declines, renewable energy is quickly developing with EVs. Price-wise, renewables are becoming and will continue to be the cheaper, cleaner and a much more efficient option. According to IEA’s 2017 Energy Outlook, costs of new solar PV have come down by 70% and wind by 25% since 2010

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Investing in Microgrids: A Solution for Harsh Environments Jan26

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A microgrid is a distributed type of power grid, with its ability to generate, store and transmit energy within an isolated area. Microgrids allow businesses, people and communities to operate with or without the centralized electrical grid, thus increasing their resiliency, decreasing their outage rate and therefore, their dependency on external power needs

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