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Contributed by Steve Vlasak of Richey May & Co.

Best practices and detailed explanations to help you comply with the current standards.

Our guide is a resource that contains the recent updates to the ASC 820 Fair Value Measurement requirements so you can stay compliant.

It contains:  

  • key definitions 
  • framework for each key provision to help leaders understand and interpret the standard for various scenarios 
  • financial statement examples  
  • frequently asked questions 
  • and more  

Our guide will help industry leaders build a deep understanding of the rules, backed by our expert advice. 

“Our team has assembled this guide after much discussion with our clients and other industry leaders regarding key topics that relate to Fair Value and ASC 820,” Steve Vlasak, Business Development Partner of the Alternative Investments practice.  “This is certainly a critical area of focus for our clients and friends in the alternative investments industry as well as an area that the SEC focuses on very closely. We are excited to be releasing this whitepaper, and believe it will be a great resource to help improve the understanding of these standards.” 

Download the ASC 820 Fair Value Measurement guide below and contact Steve Vlasak with any comments or questions. 

Download the Guide

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