What Challenges Lie Ahead for 2018? Nov15

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With year-end holidays approaching and investment action wrap-up and forward planning in process, investors are bracing for change in many formats. November seems like a good time to take an industry snapshot survey of portfolio managers, wealth advisors, regulatory professionals, and the like, and ask them a single question

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The Poetry of Investing Nov8

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It seems as if everyone has been pretty focused on Tweets, hashtags, and the general dumbing down and coarsening of communication of late. So I thought this week I’d inject a little culture into my investment blog. What if investors and fund managers could only think or talk in Haiku? The sentiments would likely remain the same, but the delivery might be much more civilized

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Investor Optimism – Despite “The Merry Minuet” Environment Oct26

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The optimism of consumers, business owners, and investors continues at high levels despite hurricanes in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, fires in California, and possible nuclear confrontation in Korea. In past markets, investors also faced similar issues. For some perspective on the relative constant of world issues, let us look back about 60 years to a hit recording titled “The Merry Minuet”. Nearly the same lyrics could be written today. See whether you agree

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What the Board Can Tell You Oct25

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One aspect of our work that we’ve come to appreciate is evaluating corporate governance and assessing the boards of directors of potential investments. We don’t profess to be a leading expert on corporate governance, but have found this work to be helpful as a screening tool. The overarching issue is that corporate governance standards in most emerging markets aren’t as high as those in the US. In addition, there are many cases where a founder (or family) has a majority stake. Also, the expertise and experience of board members should align with the company’s strategy. Most of this discussion applies globally and this post focuses on our experiences

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Understanding Cryptocurrencies: Audit Considerations and Potential Regulations Oct20

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Over the past six months, our Alternative Investment industry professionals at Richey May have seen a rapid uptick in activity in the cryptocurrency, or digital currency, space. Having been involved with these digital assets for a few years now, our tax and audit teams have developed insights into the unique challenges these assets present to both funds and investors – particularly key considerations that fund managers should understand prior to an audit, and how to mitigate risk to encourage investors

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