Hedge Fund Hegemony And How To Handle It Jun19

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Hegemony, holding a slightly sinister meaning in most contexts, defines an asymmetrical power relationship, in which there is social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by one group over others. Where better to see hegemony in practice than in the world of hedge funds, when the behemoth bests the niche fund, in terms of investor attention, assets gathered, and institutional scrutiny

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Global Perspectives On Responsible Investing Jun14

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Investor interest in Responsible Investing is on the upswing, but investors continue to cite ongoing frustrations with definitions, data and materiality as lingering barriers to RI adoption. In addition, a number of the institutional investors with whom we speak remain unaware of how their peers are implementing RI initiatives, which also contributes to any discomfort around adoption of Responsible Investment measures

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Fund Raising in Europe: What Options Apply to Investment Managers? May30

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What alternatives are available to non-EU Investment Managers (AIFMs) wishing to raise capital from European investors for their non-EU Funds? This presentation outlines the various routes to market from so-called ‘reverse solicitation’ to ‘passporting’ under the EU Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD)

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Top Three Questions about Interval Funds May18

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Discussion of registered alternative investment opportunities is prevalent in the asset management world today. Recently, our team has hosted roundtables at several industry events on one particular hot topic—interval funds. Asset managers we meet are anxious to learn about the benefits of this pooled investment vehicle. Below are the three most common questions they have

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