White Paper: Bank Stocks Poised for Multi-Year Bull Run Aug7

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In this white paper, we discuss major market cycles for bank stocks which have not traded as cheaply since the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) that ended in July of 2009, due to their cyclical business models tied to ebbs and flows of the economy. We furthermore conclude, that after a sharp move down in reaction to the COVID‐19 pandemic, banks may have begun a large, multi‐year bull market move, particularly as peak loan losses(a buy signal) may have already taken place

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PR: Hedge Connection Launches New Virtual Conference Technology and Enhanced Online Capital Introduction Platform Jul31

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Financial introductory platform Hedge Connection announced today the release of their new virtual conference and enhanced online capital introduction technology. The platform, named Fintroz, abbreviated for financial introductions, leverages their patented online cap-intro technology while integrating with a suite of modern virtual meeting technologies. The products will be sold as enterprise SaaS solutions to firms that wish to offer virtual events, online capital introduction or a combination of the two

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White Paper: Generation Z Survey on Digital Currency Jun15

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The younger generation, often called the “Internet Generation”, doesn’t know what life is like without an iPhone or social connectivity. They seek truth, value individual expression and seem to avoid labels. While most of Gen-Z is still in school, a Fast Company survey estimates that this group will account for 40% of all consumers by the end of this year. How will businesses engage, target and attract this group?

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