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HFM Week has put together a panel to discuss cryptocurrencies, brought to you by The Gemini Companies.

Interest in cryptocurrency funds is surging, but the area is new, complex, and unique. Uncertainty about trading, compliance, valuation, custody, and taxation of digital assets abounds.

Click here to listen to a recording of our recent webinar with HFM Week, “Demystifying Cryptocurrency: Best Operational Practices when Trading in Digital Currency,” which featured:

(Moderator) Paul McMillan, Head of Content at HFM Week
Blake Estes, JD, Counsel at Alston & Bird, LLP
Tim Enneking, Managing Director at Crypto Asset Management
Dennis Schall, CPA, Partner, Alt Investment Group at Marcum, LLP
David Young, President at Gemini Hedge

Topics discussed:

  • Best practices for starting a cryptocurrency fund or incorporating digital assets into an existing fund
  • How to structure this type of fund vehicle – fees, liquidity, share classes
  • Dealing with issues around the valuation of currencies
  • How to best arrange custody of assets and keep those assets secure
  • Taxation of digital assets



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