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White paper contributed by early stage venture capital firm, Scout Ventures.

What is Autonomy and Mobility? For the purposes of this paper, we will focus on self-driving cars. When someone mentions autonomy and mobility they are most likely referring to self-driving cars – think Waymo or Cruise Automation – but it is much more than that. The NHTSA says this technology, “is so full of promise…” and defines it as, “…a future where vehicles increasingly help drivers avoid crashes. It’s a future where the time spent commuting is dramatically reduced, and where millions more—including the elderly and people with disabilities-gain access to the freedom of the open road. And, especially important, it’s a future where highway fatalities and injuries are significantly reduced.” Think of it as an easier way to travel from Point A to Point B on a road that has not been adapted for the technology. For example, you get into the car, tell it where to go and enjoy the ride while watching a movie or reading a book. Below is a diagram the broader autonomy and mobility community uses to gauge the different levels of autonomy as depicted by NHTSA.

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