Fintroz Forum Series

Virtual Investor-Introduction Events


Join us online at our next virtual event, it's the easiest and most efficient way for fund managers and allocators to connect. Designed around our patented Capital Club investor-introduction service, the Fintroz Forum Series connects allocators to managers online in a targeted and efficient manner.


2020 Series Schedule

February 24-28

How it Works

Managers will set up an account on Hedge Connection and complete their fund profile with details on their strategy, managers bios, performance, and materials. Allocators will also set up an account on Hedge Connection and complete an investment profile with details on their strategies of interests and investment requirements.

Once the Fintroz Forum week begins, Hedge Connection will begin promoting out the funds to participating investors, highlighting several every day. The allocators will then login, analyze the managers and begin making anonymous introduction requests.

If a manager agrees to a phone meeting with an allocator, they would accept the request. At this point, the allocator details are revealed and they are connected to the manager with a date and time to speak. At this point as well, our internal messaging is made available to both parties should a need to communicate beyond the scheduled phone meeting arise.


There is no charge to join a Fintroz Forum. However, there could be a fee to Managers for accepted introductions, depending on the event. Contact us if you'd like more information.

Please Note:
Participation in the Fintroz Forum Series is by invitation only. Please apply below.