You Might Be An Emerging Manager If… Jan16

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To help everyone out a little bit, I thought I’d use my 11+ years in the emerging and diverse manager space to create a handy-dandy checklist to determine whether or not a fund may be emerging. After all, it seemed like a great project for a winter weekend when 0.5 inches of snow has me pinned inside the house like the Southerner I am

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How the Tax Cuts and Job Act Will Impact Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Alternative Assets Nov10

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The hedge fund, private equity and alternative asset industries could be impacted by a number of tax provisions proposed in the House Ways and Means Committee’s comprehensive tax reform bill called the “Tax Cuts and Job Act” released on Nov. 2, 2017. The act as it stands currently, however, does not include any changes to the taxation of financial products

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Choosing Your Offshore Jurisdiction – Avoiding Asset-Raising Pitfalls Apr29

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In today’s environment, the process of establishing, launching and managing a hedge fund has higher barriers to entry than ever before … including higher costs. In the early 2000’s, an initial capital raise of $10 million could enable a new fund to get up and running with good prospects for further growth. In 2016, however, a fund starting with less than $100 million will find it challenging to provide the resources and infrastructure required for long-term viability and to attract institutional assets. To meet this greater start-up price point, many managers are looking to access additional sources of capital outside their home marketplace. An offshore vehicle, either as a stand-alone fund or a feeder fund into an onshore master, is a way to accommodate these international investors.

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Asset Management Serial Entrepreneurship, Not as Easy Mar22

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The concept of two guys with a Bloomberg in garage starting a fund has long faded from reality to become a mere figment of our imagination. With increased barriers to entry resulting from emphasis on transparency, infrastructure, focus on reputational risk, the reality is very different today versus 10 years ago. Today, we see numerous new fund ideas being launched, with muted growth trajectory. What does the next generation of managers look like? And what is their path to success

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Are Collapsing Chinese Equities Just the Tip of the Iceberg?- Interview with a Tudor PM Jan21

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Markets have experienced a significant shift in the last year as QE equity rally seems to have taken a backseat to growing concerns that all is not well in the global investing climate. One major shift that is beginning to play out is the rapidly changing dynamics of China as a global industrial leader and its attempt to become more service oriented economy. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Amit Hampel, a former Portfolio Manager at Tudor and CEO and Chief Market Strategist of Macro Made Simple, LLC, an investment consulting firm that makes clients aware of major macroeconomic shifts and helps them avoid the pitfalls that come with macro event risk.

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