Jackie Robinson, Ginger Rogers And Me Feb11

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I have to say, Facebook is getting disturbingly good at targeting ads. Lately my timeline has been populated by comfort items – cozy PJs, custom pillows that ‘guarantee’ a good night’s sleep, shoes without three-inch heels and even this random beanbag thing called a MoonPod. Evidently you buy one too many cards that reads “People, Amirite?” and the magic algorithms of Zuckerberg’s evil empire decide you need a little time out

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Quick Fire – Hedge Fund Managers’ Best Ideas for 2019 Dec5

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Hedge Connection’s December 3, 2018 year-end program featured a ‘Manager Quick Fire’ moderated by Robert Akeson, Co-Head of Prime Brokerage at Mirae Asset Securities.  Five managers, each with a distinct investment strategy, presented their Best Idea for 2019, followed by audience Q&A. We are sharing excerpts of this thought leadership

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Asset Raising While Diverse Dec4

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Many of the fund managers I speak to remain conflicted about how best to position their diverse asset management firm. While I don’t have all the answers, perhaps I can help shed a little light on the topic for folks. Read this while you’re thinking about your capital raising battle plans for 2019. And may it help you separate who’s been naughty and nice, whose chimney you should visit and whose you should skip in the New Year

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