UMB Fund Services Releases 2019 Report on Unlisted Closed-end Funds Aug1

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UMB has again partnered with FUSE Research Network‡ to issue the third edition of this report, which delivers the most comprehensive look at unlisted CEFs in the industry. The report provides insights and data on the number of unique funds and assets; top funds and firms; a market update and outlook; advisor use trends; and a manager spotlight.

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Your Fund Is Grossing Me Out! Jun6

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I was roughly 13 years old when I fell for Nicolas Cage in Valley Girl. Between the Modern English montage of soda sharing and late-night phone calls (on corded phones and pay phones!) and the bitchin’ clothes and slang, my tweenage heart sang just a little for Hollywood punk Randy.  In fact, if not for that movie, I doubt the phrases “Tubular!” and “Gag me with a spoon” would have ever made an appearance in my semi-rural Alabama hometown, even if the latter is what Northerners often think out loud when trying grits for the first time

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How is “Carried Interest” Relevant to Hedge Fund Managers? Apr4

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We’ve heard a lot of buzz for years now about the “carried interest loophole” that hedge fund managers take advantage of.  Critics of this loophole have suggested that it allows such managers to earn big profits from securities trading without paying taxes.  While there is some truth in the notion that carried interest represents a tax deferral for managers of certain types of investment funds, this is not the case for many managers of true “hedge” funds

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In Praise of Very Good Dogs Mar28

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A number (maybe 15 or so) of years ago, when I first emerged on the speaking circuit, I gave a talk about hedge funds to a CFA society in Texas. I presented an hour of education on the topic, touching on everything from Long Term Capital Management and blow up risk to fee structures, performance, asset allocation and portfolio construction benefits. At the conclusion of my formal remarks, I took a few audience questions

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