Investing Responsibly? Don’t Sit Back Apr29

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We’ve already seen how identifying companies that are improving on the dimension of responsibility—before these behavioral changes have been “priced in” to their stocks by the market—can lead to opportunities. But that’s not the only reason for an active, hands-on approach. Fundamental research can enhance responsible portfolios in other ways, too

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Sustainable Finance Report: The 2 Morgans – Pushing for ESG Investing Aug10

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Morgan Stanley’s 2018 Sustainable Signals report indicates that, globally, more than $22.8 trillion are invested sustainably, representing more than $1 in every $4 under professional management. 84% of asset owners are pursing or considering ESG integration in their investment process and 78% of asset owners seek to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Global Perspectives On Responsible Investing Jun14

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Investor interest in Responsible Investing is on the upswing, but investors continue to cite ongoing frustrations with definitions, data and materiality as lingering barriers to RI adoption. In addition, a number of the institutional investors with whom we speak remain unaware of how their peers are implementing RI initiatives, which also contributes to any discomfort around adoption of Responsible Investment measures

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