An Animated Guide to Financial Twitter Nov8

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Have you been thinking about joining Twitter to expand your investor and investment professional network? Have you been lamenting your lack of Financial Twitter (“FinTwit”) savvy? Are you hoping to take a break from reading incendiary political Tweets to actually put Twitter to use for brand building and marketing purposes?

Well, here’s your chance to learn all you need to know to get started and make the most of Twitter. Take my tour of the FinTwit campus and come on in…the water’s fine

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Sustainable Finance Report: U.S. Flood Risks + Rewards Oct19

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In lieu of federal action, the disclosure of climate-related risks has become the subject of broad and current interest within the ESG investment community due to state and international actions. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), a federal agency that provides non-partisan investigative audits for Congress, recently conducted an analysis of the SEC’s current role in climate-related financial disclosure.  In this study, GAO found that there was significant ambiguity in federal guidance and limited federal guidance on climate-related risk disclosure

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The Role of Luck in Building Success – And How To Create More of Both to Get Girls Into Finance Sep5

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In January of this year, I was asked to speak at the 2018 TEDx UIUC event “Roots.” The theme of the event was pretty straightforward – “The beginning of all things are small” (Cicero). The organizers asked me to talk about both my professional journey and the work I do around diversity in finance/investing

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