Manager Selection Through a ‘Welkian’ Lens May15

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The Lawrence Welk Show spanned the post-war boom of the 55s through the psychedelic 60s, the protest-laden 70s, and into the Reagan-era 80s before moving into syndication. Why was the show so successful long-term? What can fund managers learn from Lawrence Welk in getting their businesses to be as successful? Here are five lessons to be learned from the Welkian way

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Tactically Speaking, This Can Boost Sales Mar20

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Merriam-Webster defines a debate as ‘a regulated discussion of a proposition between two matched sides.’ A good debate is not an argument. Rather, it is a thoughtful process of insightful positioning that allows two sides of a concept to be explored on their merits. Sound a bit like a manager working to convince an investor that what they do makes sense for an investment portfolio

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What Family Offices Want From Alternatives Managers Feb23

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Competition within the alternatives sector for family office investments is at an all-time high, as these investors get more comfortable with the range of assets available to them and their general understanding of alternatives rises. Fund managers want to win these wealthy investors over, but often find they are unsure of how best to pursue them. The family office client is increasingly demanding a more tailored approach to wooing them over. Managers who can adapt their prospecting tactics stand a better chance of winning a partnership with these prized investors

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Cryptocurrencies – Hot Buy or Hot Air? Jan22

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With traditional stock markets offering robust gains in 2017 and looking poised to continue their attractiveness in 2018, investors need strong persuasion to shift their equity allocations elsewhere. Enter the latest media darling: cryptocurrencies. The alternatives news feeds are awash in stories extolling the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency values and the new funds forming to attract investors to this hyper space

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