A Dive into Libra, Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Jun27

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On June 19th, 2019, Facebook revealed a 100-page white paper, with some of the details behind its involvement in the “Libra” cryptocurrency. Some analysts were quick to state that Facebook just “reinvented money”. The purpose of this note is to summarize that detailed white paper and breakdown the risks and opportunities for the entire payment ecosystem.

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FinTech Best Idea: WEX Jun21

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Within the FINTECH community, especially in fleet management and B2B payments, WEX is broadly recognized as a dominant a leader. We love the fact that you probably have never heard of WEX and the S&P 500 has not yet added this great mid-cap company to it index. Let’s just keep it our little secret, OK?

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Gen Z Brokerage Trends Jun11

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How Millennials and Gen Z’s make purchasing decisions and what they look for in a brand is shifting. However, we believe that personalization has become increasingly important in today’s society. This requires a different set of tools. The scope of reinvention requires analysis and we hope this research provides some valuable insights

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What Gen Z Thinks Of Payments… May10

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The 2019 Manole Capital interns (from the University of Tampa) just completed our 2nd Annual “Gen Z” financial services survey. The second series of Q&A discussed the PAYMENTS industry, with a focus on credit/debit cards, mobile payments, P2P, cash and ATM’s usage. We uncovered some interesting payment trends and the team did a detailed analysis on “Digital-First” cards (Apple’s new credit card) and Shared Buy Buttons.

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