FinTech Discussion: Theme #4 Being Nimble Mar12

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On JP Morgan’s recent conference call, CEO Jamie Dimon had some very interesting comments for the broader FINTECH community. He said he has told his management team to “be frightened.” His message went on to say JP Morgan “should be scared shitless”, about how FINTECH companies have been able to take advantage of traditional banks and financial service companies. He finished his blunt assessment by saying “We’ve just got to get quicker, better, faster…”

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White Paper: Generation Z Survey on Digital Currency Jun15

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The younger generation, often called the “Internet Generation”, doesn’t know what life is like without an iPhone or social connectivity. They seek truth, value individual expression and seem to avoid labels. While most of Gen-Z is still in school, a Fast Company survey estimates that this group will account for 40% of all consumers by the end of this year. How will businesses engage, target and attract this group?

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