Sustainable Finance Report: Electric Vehicles and Recycling Mar9

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As pollution grows and the old inefficient technology of internal combustion engines (ICE) transportation rapidly declines, renewable energy is quickly developing with EVs. Price-wise, renewables are becoming and will continue to be the cheaper, cleaner and a much more efficient option. According to IEA’s 2017 Energy Outlook, costs of new solar PV have come down by 70% and wind by 25% since 2010

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Financial Services Survey: Part 1 of 4 Mar9

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In January and February of 2018, Manole Capital conducted a financial services survey specifically targeting the thoughts and opinions of millennials. Over 175 individuals participated, with nearly 90% under the age of 24 years old. 65% were between the age of 19 and 24 and 23% were 18 or younger. In terms of demographics, 84% were from the United States and 12% were from Europe. For additional information about our survey audience, please contact Manole Capital directly

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White Paper: Autonomy and Mobility Overview Feb23

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For the purposes of this paper, we will focus on self-driving cars. When someone mentions autonomy and mobility they are most likely referring to self-driving cars – think Waymo or Cruise Automation – but it is much more than that. The NHTSA says this technology, “is so full of promise…” and defines it as, “…a future where vehicles increasingly help drivers avoid crashes

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